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And now for something completely different...

You know us for our children’s clothes patterns, but we’re super excited to introduce our first bag pattern, the Sidlesham Belt Bag!

Call it a bum bag, fanny pack, or a belt bag, this is a modern version of a timeless classic. This fully lined bag is perfect for festivals, globetrotting, or just a lightweight companion on a walk.

I had so much fun creating this bag for you - and after I made the standard version, I went ahead and made a cool patchwork version which I am SO into! The pattern includes full templates for the patchwork too, but I'd love to see if you made your own design patchwork version.


I'm a big fan of a lapped zipper - and in a bag they create concealed pockets for security, and I think on the patchwork version it's especially incognito. Theres a pocket on the body side too that's perfect for keeping your valuables.


 Find the pattern on our website now... while you do that, I'm off to make myself another version!

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