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If you have purchased a digital download, all errata will be reflected in updated digital download files.   For paper patterns, all new printings will reflect the updated information, and all print copies sold prior to that will have the relevant information in the pattern sleeve.
Step 5 should read: 

Line up the shoulder seams of pieces A and B, right sides facing, pin into place, and sew. Repeat this step with facing pieces C and D. Finish the seam allowance of the facing by turning up by 5mm and sew using a zigzag stitch.

Pattern Piece B is too wide in the original print: 

This can be easily solved by taking a 1cm strip from the straight edge cut on the fold.  Do this as you cut out your pattern, but remember to copy across the pattern markings for future reference, as some may be cut off in this action.

Alternatively, Zoe Piece B is included in the file to the right.  Remember to print at 100%!

In one print run, Step 7 misses an instruction for view A.  It should read:

View  A: Sew two rows of gathering stitches between the two front pockets on the trousers and gather to match the width of the front bib at the widest point.


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